Blacjack: how does Blacjack play?

When you go to the casino you will find various games, the most popular is Blacjack , in case it is the game that interests you you are on the right site.

Blacjack is a card game that involves risks , it is played in the number of seven people whose age must be equal or greater than 18 years, if it is not played in a casino the croupier is chosen by lot.

The croupier after having shuffled the card game will start to deal in turn and one by one two cards to the bettors and for him also a face up card and a face down card , the players can request as many cards as they want.


What are the acts of bettors in a blacjack party?

  • the player can stop taking cards.
  • the player can double the starting bet.
  • the player can carry insurance.

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