Hygiene Products in Medicine

While hospitals are a source of refuge for the sick, it can also be a source of distress if hygiene products are not used effectively. Hygiene products including latex gloves, proper disposal bins, medical wipes, couch and hygiene rolls are therefore important in the day to day running of the hospital or clinic. But why is this so? Why should doctors use protective gear and products?

To protect medical practitioners and patients

There are diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another through personal contact, exchange of bodily fluids and even airborne diseases. This makes it easy for doctors and other medical practitioners to fall sick from such diseases when they do not use proper protective equipment and products. The use of gloves and other hygiene products protects the doctors from acquiring the disease-causing microorganisms from their patients and prevents sickness.

Doctors are not also perfect and they may be carriers of germs picked up from non-medical related activities which may make them sick. When this happens, in the absence of proper hygiene, preventive equipment and products, these germs, bacteria or viruses could be passed on to their patients. For example, a doctor could pass on a flu to a patient who probably came in for a routine check-up if care is not observed. Therefore, it is important for doctors to use & practice proper hygiene and use protective gear to prevent compromising the health of the people around them.

To prevent spread of disease causing microorganisms

Each day, one doctor, nurse or any other medical practitioner could handle tens of patients suffering from different diseases or conditions. If the medical practitioner does not use protective gear, it becomes easier for them to pick up and pass on germs, bacteria or viruses from one patient to the other. This could complicate the diseases or conditions that the patients are suffering from and increase the rate of fatalities in the hospitals. The importance of high hygiene standards, the use of protective items and proper disposal of used items cannot be over emphasised in any medical clinic or hospital.

Using these products and equipment is not enough. Doctors must be on high alert and adhere to strict guidelines in order to catch such things as a torn glove, poorly fixed eye goggles or any other equipment and replace or have them adjusted. Removal of these products, proper disposal, disinfection and sterilisation for those that are reusable are also important in managing the spread of diseases.